Rekenrek - 20

This week I’ve been reading through Heinmann’s K-3 Contexts for Learning Mathematics kit. So far I’ve read the first three investigations, which appear to be perfect for our K and grade 1 students. The kit is a resource for the Young Mathematicians at Work series, and I highly recommend the first book, Investigating Number Sense, Addition, and Subtraction. One of our Kindergarten classes startted the Bunk Beds and Apple Boxes investigation on Monday, where they read a beautiful picture book about a babysitter thinking she has lost a child because the children moved places on the bunk beds. Students will practice number sense and equivalence with their newly purchased rekenreks, or arithmetic racks used for modeling. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

I wonder how students will do with this investigation mid-year, where classroom routines have already been established. Will they be able to go off on their own to think through problems individually or in pairs? Is it possible to do this with only one teacher in the room? Will students be able to verbalize their thinking processes in the Math Congress? I can’t wait to see.