I’ve got a problem. There are many like it, but this one’s mine:

I’ve named it digital information-storage overload, and I’m writing this post with a plea for help in solution seeking. This frustration is coming to light as I once again (this time I’m serious, I swear!) reignite my desire to use my blog as a place where I can share both my thoughts and interesting articles, Tweets, and ideas that I encounter. I want it to be the one-stop-shop for information.  But can it meet the needs of the variety of tech tools I’m using?

I have a ton of information that I have accessed and want to store, and I’m struggling with where to “put” it. I’m out-teched and under-organized, and I lack the time to figure it all out. 

When on my Mac (role of doer and user):

  • When I see a great website I want to revisit later, I use the digolet tool to add it to my Diigo account, throwing in a few tags. I may learn of this website from a friend, an email, a print resource, a blog, or another website. My Twitter favorites are stored here too.
  • When I see an engaging blog I’d like to follow, I add it to my Feedly account on my Mac but read the Feedly content on my iPad (see iPad section).
  • I use Tweet Deck to follow hashtags. Sometimes there is a Tweet that gives me information that I want to revisit later, so I favorite it. Sometimes a Tweet gives me a website resource, so I click on it and save it to Diigo.
  • I also have a WordPress blog, which I am committed to making better and using more often. Currently when I post, it self-publishes to LinkedIn and Twitter too. Is this necessary? 
  • When I take notes, I do it in Evernote. Sometimes I share these notes, but most times they are for internal use. 
  • A link may take me to a YouTube clip. Where on earth do I store bits of goodness like the secretive Rick Roll url?
  • I’ve tried to create a booklist for educators on my blog using Shelfari (#fail1) or Amazon’s Goodreads (#fail2) but it’s not easily editable. 

When on the iPad (role of user, minimal doer):

  • My current blog reader is Feedly. When I find articles I like, I don’t know where to put them. There is a program called Pocket inside of Feedly that saves my articles, but I want them stored with other interesting articles either on my blog or in Diigo. 
  • I like to read articles on the app Zite. When I see something of interest, I Tweet it out. But then I can’t always find it again. Sometimes I will email an article to myself or a colleague.  How can I get these to Diigo?
  • I also like to follow Twitter on the iPad using the HootSuite app, but I don’t know how to easily add newly encountered websites to my Diigo account from there. 
  • The FlipBoard app has tons of magazines dripping with engaging content. Typically I will Tweet an article of interest or email it to someone specifically. Again, how do I get these articles to Diigo?

Questions to Brain Wrestle:

  • How can I aggregate EVERYTHING I am collectiing in one place? Can I aggregate the different platforms? Is a blog the best place?
  • Do I really need to jump on the Google+ train? LinkedIn?

As my world becomes more and more paperless, a digital solution proves vital. I fear, however, that I lack the technical capacity to do so without guidance and hand holding.  I want to tackle this problem by myself, but tinkering with WordPress on my iPad for an hour, getting nowhere, is a colossal waste of time.

How might I aggregate my digital curiosities, research, Tweets, blogs, articles, videos, and notes in a method that is sensical, user friendly, searchable, and accessible across multiple iOS devices?

What have you found to be your one-stop-shop for information storage?