Bo Adams captures Mount Vernon’s experiences with Learning Walks and Instructional Rounds in this exceptional blog post. I’m privileged to be a part of this learning process as a learning walker and an instructional rounder.

Some of my favorite learning walks this year have been group learning walks. That is, I’ve grabbed a group of people to join me on a learning walk outing and to debrief afterwards; reflection as a group provides a deeper landscape of experiences.

So far this semester I’ve embarked on learning walks with the entire Lower School Heads of Grade group, my two collaborative partners (Maggie Bradford and Allison Toller), a 5th grade math teacher, and the 3 other Directors of 21st Century Teaching and Learning. I’ve also had the opportunity to give many parent tours, where I’ve been able to snap pictures to Tweet along the way. We’ve cataloged our experiences using #learningwalk hashtag on Twitter.

Here is the link to my Storify example of Tweets:

I encourage all educators to visit each others’ classrooms on learning walks. What better way is there to have free professional development during your free time?

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How are you studying your own school? In what ways are you being a student of your own school?

Certainly you send folks to conferences like bees sent to collect pollen. It’s likely that you send faculty to other schools to learn from their practices, too. Incredible stories continue to emerge from systemic school visits (see bullets below). Of course, there are countless virtual opportunities, as well. All of these techniques are critical parts of professional learning, for sure.

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