We have a norm at Mount Vernon to Have Fun. And we certainly upheld that norm today in first grade.

#MVPSchool Lower School students celebrated the Global School Play Day (#GSPD) today, and I was lucky enough to spend the entire school day learning about a day in the life of a first grader. First grade students enjoyed extra time playing outside before lunch, but in the afternoon, the real creativity erupted in what first grade teachers called “Imagination Station.”

There were two expectations to follow:

  1. Use only your imagination.
  2. Respect your classroom and your classmates.

Students excitedly created everything from drama productions to hair care stations. They enjoyed building, painting, and even opening a cafe.

“Put the fun in fundamentals. Injecting a learning space with playfulness and humor creates a warm and welcoming environment.” -The Third Teacher, #62.

First grade students’ imaginations soared with both individual and group painting stations:


Dramatic productions complete with costumes, songs, dances, and choreography:


Building in all shapes and sizes, including Legos:


And math manipulatives:


Blocks and building materials:


And good old-fashioned construction paper hearts (reimagined, of course):


Knowing that imaginative play is an important part of every single day in the life of a child, it was especially significant to celebrate the Global School Play Day today. I wonder if any of these free moments of play has sparked an idea in a child’s head that just might be the next great innovation. Oh yes, I’m about to start reading Steve Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation….