Learning Walks are powerful elements of professional learning where we learn from the experience, practice, and expertise of our colleagues. While spending 3-5 minutes in each classroom along the way, we can encounter best ideas, strategies, and inspiration from our peers to implement ourselves.


amy-kilbridge-quoteOne of the keys to success as an educator is learning how to steal great ideas.  The best way to steal great ideas is to go on on a learning walk.  For the record, of course I am not talking about the unethical practice of taking from others.  When you allow yourself time and the freedom to wander around the school and witness the works of others it can be an enlightening experience.  

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to visit every K-4 classroom at MVPS with Nicole Martin.  We held ourselves to a quick pace and caught a glimmer of each classroom.  So this was not an in depth analysis of educational practice but it was very insightful.  During one class we saw students working independently, exploring various way to learn and practice math.  This reminded me that students need to have choice in how they learning.  In…

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