Today is Learning Walk day! I wonder what questions students will ask? I wonder if we will see a PBL unit in action? I wonder if all the classes will be taught inside, or if we will find some learners outside on an expedition?

Each week since the start of the school year I have embarked on a learning walk, inviting colleagues across divisions to join in my learning experience. So far this year at least one person has joined me on each learning walk, and I have learned something new each time as my colleagues pointed out nuances and aspects of learning that I hadn’t seen.

One of Mount Vernon’s Design Drivers is “How might we inspire one another–and the larger world–through the work we undertake together?” I believe learning walks can be an inspiration as we wrestle with this big idea.

Learning Walks are a form of professional learning for educators. While hopping on a train, plane or car to a conference is rewarding, learning from colleagues down the hall or in another building can be just as worthwhile. How is the design thinking playbook used in Kindergarten? How does this teacher redirect students in her Grade 2 classroom? How did Grade 4 launch their PBL entry event? When and how does this Grade 1 teacher pause for a moment of movement? What does sustained inquiry look like in Grade 3? How might I replicate it in my own classroom?

My goal is to capture learning from students’ points of view – their questions, their movement, their ah-ha moments. Follow along on Twitter using #mvpschool & #learningwalk tags for the full experience. Here are some highlights from today’s learning walk adventure.